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Here, I will announce when quizzes will be given as well as the pointers for review. I'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.
As to the schedule of your major exams, please view school announcements.

La Salle College 2nd Sem, SY 05-06 Calendar
Prelim Exam - Dec 13-15
Christmas Break - Dec 19-Jan 3
Midterm Exam - Feb 8-10
Endterm Exam- (graduating) Mar 7-9
                     (undergrad) Mar 14-16
ABE/ NCBA/ La Salle
Film Selections for:
NatSci1        The Core/ The Volcano
NatSci2         DNA/ Outbreak
NatSci1         Evolution/ The Day After Tomorrow
NatSci2         Patch Addams/ Mulanay
NatSci1         Apollo 13/ Twister
NatSci2         Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)/ Matrix
Format For Your Film Reviews:
Font: Bookman Old Style
Font Size: 11
Paragraph spacing: 1.5
Paper: Short, white bond paper