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cruz bio1 lectures

lab activities 1-2

lab activities 1-2
lab activities 3-4
lab activity 5

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Activity One: Scientific Investigations and Processes


Concept: The Power of Observations and Formulation of Hypotheses



  1. Recognize the steps in scientific investigations or study;
  2. Formulate a problem and hypothesis for scientific investigation; and
  3. Draw procedures applicable to the problem and the hypothesis.



            Magazines, pair of scissors, glue



  1. Form groups of five students and arrange chairs in a circular fashion to facilitate the discussion.
  2. Scan the pages of the magazine. Choose a picture on environmental changes or technological trends and the like that attracts you most. (Alternate activity: observe communities outside the classroom).
  3. Cut and paste the pictures on the activity sheet and illustrate what compose the community observed outside the classroom.
  4. List some observed situations and scenes. (Note: record observations but not perceptions.)
  5. Analyze the situations or scenes shown in the picture or situations observed in the environment.
  6. Formulate scientific problem that can be tested based on the observed situations.
  7. The following activities can help you in the formulation of the problem;

a)      Brainstorming of ideas and topics related to the situations;

b)      Listing down some related situations that are actually happening in life;

c)      Narrowing problems into specific ones.

  1. Formulate a hypothesis that will serve as the temporary answer or solution to the problem.
  2. Conceptualize the procedure to determine if your hypothesis can be tested or not.
  3. Make generalization on how problems and hypotheses are formulated.
  4. Submit output 30 minutes before the end of the class hour for critiquing and evaluation.


















Name: _________________________ Date: ____________________

Subject and Section: ______________ Rating: ___________________


Activity 1 Action Sheet: Scientific Investigation and Process


Paste the picture here or illustrate what you observed outside the classroom.

































































































Activity 2

Historical Perspective and Rise of Biological Science


Concept: Constructing and Analyzing a Timeline of the Historical Perspective and Breakthroughs in Biological Sciences



  1. Recognize the contributions of the different biologists;
  2. Draw a timeline of the contributions of the different biologists;
  3. Make an evaluation or analysis of the historical perspective and the rise of the biological studies; and,
  4. Hypothesize on the future breakthrough of biological sciences.



Biology books and journals



  1. Make a list of ancient (early), medieval and modern scientists.
  2. Formulate a timeline showing the scientists and their contributions. You may consult biology books and journals.
  3. At the end of the timeline, add your name and write what significant contributions you want to share in the field of biological science.
  4. Based on the collected data, make an analysis of the history, rise and development of the biological science and biological studies.
  5. Hypothesize on the future breakthroughs in the field of biology.



























Name: _________________________ Date: ____________________

Subject and Section: ______________ Rating: ___________________


Activity 2 Action Sheet: Historical Perspective and Development of Biological Science:


















































































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